#DeleteFacebook Check Out ‘Make in India’ Social Media Apps

After the recent scandal broke out over ‘Cambridge Analytica’ which may be having access to personal data of almost 87 million Facebook users. As per the latest TOI reports, it is understood that 562K data of people in India may also be affected, The #DeleteFacebook campaign has started gaining momentum. Many FB users are looking for a way to permanently cut ties. This controversy has also opened the doors for many domestic “Make in India” #SocialMedia mobile apps to pitch for greater consumer usage.

Therefore, for those people who are looking to switch to other apps, here are some ‘Made in India’ options: 


Hike Messenger is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and SoftBank. Hike is way more than just simple free instant messaging service with voice and video calling with a ton of awesome features like 20,000+ graphical Stickers, emoticons, images, videos, audios, documents, voice messages, contacts, users’ location and UPI payments to recharges to money transfers, you can do it all.

ShareChat is the best way to get everything fun and daily news from India within seconds. You can even share Jokes, GIFs, Audio Songs, Beauty  & Home Makeup Tips, Fitness Videos, and Images. Currently available in 10 Vernacular Indian Languages.
Mooshak is an attempt to make Hindi and Devnagari relevant and cool for the NextGen, It is a humble attempt to show how easy it really is to stay connected using the language that we emote, laugh and cry in. Facility to upload images, videos, and audio and share it with people around the globe in Devnagari.
The Following Apps are available on Google App Store for free download. Do let me know in the comments section below about Social Media Apps which are Made in India.

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